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Guess what, we really liked our day off at the dutch beach in Scheveningen:



That's been ages! Yes, you're quite right. I've been extremely lazy... but there's some news that just had to go on this page:

Our birds have found a new home, as they were a bit too much for our little place. As we are now completely without pets, it's absolutely no surprise that after my parents called and told me that they found a little abandoned cat (well, to be honest, he found them) I was over at their place like a shot and spent ages cuddling and spoiling the little guy - not forgetting my older cats, Pinkas and Mücke, who I left with my parents when I moved into Düsseldorf. The older ones can't quite agree on whether they like the little one or not;

Pinkas just hisses at the little black intruder and then runs away - yes, Pinkas is the one that runs... he's going to take a bit longer to get used to the new situation.
  Mücke however finds the strange black furball quite interesting, provided he doesn't try to jump onto her and play, but she doesn't mind sharing my mom's lap with him!




I'm back!!!!!!!!!! Had to take a break and there are some news now - unfortunately all our ratties are gone (sniff), but now we have two cute parakeets, Kiwi and Leeloo (I'll have to look up their exact species name, but they're kind of green, sound like little goats (when they're excited), ducks (when Kiwi is calling for Leeloo) and behave like chicken (they REALLY like to dig in flowerpots and food bowls...) and much fun to watch... I'll put pics on the site as soon as I've got a new scanner, the old one gave up a while ago...



Guess what, I've just received my first delivery from an online-supermarket... seems a bit strange, having somebody else lug up 4 flights of stairs with my shopping. As you can see, I've never had ANY "normal" shopping delivered - but I could get used to it if I really try ;-)



Well, it's been a while - but there were reasons... ... my car needed some repairs (just when I had NO idea what to do with my money - life is like that) - and unfortunately the rat-count in our house is down by one, as we lost our smallest rattie to an ear infection followed by a very bad cold. So we have said goodbye to Struppi, and now with only two of the little people left we're thinking about the problem of "do we want to get new ratties?" as apparently it's not such a good idea to wait until only one is left because she might be a bit stressed out if she's up against a few youngsters by herself. To be honest, I'm not quite convinced about getting little 'uns, as I've seen so much of our (very good) vet lately and I keep worrying about our Kiba (the beige one who unfortunately has a kind of tumor that can't be taken out)...

Enough whining, just to let you know I'm back on the track and will be putting some more time into this site again! Keep your fingers crossed that I can make sense of some new proggies I found!


and while I'm at it - here's some photos of Timothy Dalton


As it's nearly halloween I just remembered I wanted to show you something:

my costume

and because I've been lazy about answering a fellow fan's mail, I've finally scanned my photos of Michael Ironside!


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